Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We wanna join the fun too!

Hearing about all the fun that is going on in Penang regarding the Penang league makes our blood boil. We wanna join the fun and the rush of competitive floorball too! Our small league here is hanging in the air. Des, what are you gonna do about it? Lets finish it man! We had good fun in our first session for the new semester and it seems like many more people will be joining us! Salibandiens, come on!Bring your friends to the court! We will snap some pictures to post it up here when we meet again, probabaly tomorrow. Till the next post...

P/s: We heard about Andrew#13 scoring the 1st goal for Innebandy during the Innebandy vs. Frontliners game. We are proud of you man! Keep it up! Salibandy will be behind you all the way! You are our only rep over there. And to Innebandy, heard you guys won against Unihawks. Congrats! To our friends at Unihawks, you people were never the Underdogs! Give in your best shot for every game!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pictures and relevants.

Hey peeps!

You guys keeping any pictures of Salibandy!Co activities or competitions that we have joined? We would really love your help! Kindly send in those pictures to our email at Help us make this website a great one yeah? Thanks!

The real salibandy website.

Regarding the club having two websites it is being sorted out now by the relevant parties. For now the official website will be here as the other one is maintained by only one person and is not regularly updated. Thanks for taking note. Take care!