Sunday, January 22, 2012

SFL Match Day 2

Match Summary Of Gracebandy!Co vs Salibandy!Co

Venue: Rakan Muda Complex
Date: 20th Janauary 2012
Time: 10pm to 11.59pm

Starting Line-up:

Goalkeeper: Colin
Defenders: Song Sing, James, Ricky and Kel Sern
Centers: Isaac Boo and Alvin
Forwards: Leon, Jansen, Kenaan, Terence and Daniel Phang

Coach: Sasi

Captain: Daniel Phang

Referees: Azmil and Naufal

1st Period: Gracebandy!Co 1 - Salibandy!Co 1
2nd Period: Gracebandy!Co 2 - Salibandy!Co 9
3rd Period: Gracebandy!Co 4 - Salibandy!Co 12

Scores from Salibandy!Co:
--> Terence 4 goals
--> Daniel 2 goals
--> Jansen 2 goals
--> Alvin 2 goals
--> Leon 1 goal
--> Kenaan 1 goal

Goals conceded:
Match 1 vs Gang Bintang --> 12 goals
Match 2 vs Garcebandy!Co --> 4 goals

Man Of The Match: Terence

Team analysis:

1) Forwards: According to statistic, our forwards did well this time to score plenty of goals compared to Match 1 against Gang Bintang. What's amazing was to see all the forwards getting their names on the scoreboard. Job well done!

Area to improve: Sasi mention that it's very hard for 1 player to dribble the ball up and score by himself. Forwards need to have the ability to receive the ball, control and find oppurcunities for teammates to score. As for the other forward who doesn't has the ball, your job is to run into open space to receive those passes.

Forwards also needs to contribute more in defending.

When we were leading, Sasi did mention to remain at 70%, then preassure the opponents and come back 70% again. But what we did was still 100%. It's important to follow the intructions of our coach as it's part of the strategy and to be able to remain it as teamwork. If players don't follow the plan, then it'l be difficult to have teamwork.

2) Centers: Main job is to build up attacks and at the same time protect the defenders.

Areas to improve: Stamina to form an attack and to run back to defend at all times. Ability to connect the defender's passes to the forward's attack.

3) Defenders: Same as the Match 1, defenders was able to show control of passing within own half. Strong defensive runs to prevent opponents from out-running us. Was able to stand against the physical challenge from opponents.

Areas to improve: Defenders was able to pass the ball within own half to control, but many times our ball pocession was lost when we passes the ball up front. Forwards and Centers will need to work hard to find openings for defenders to have a good pass up front. Defenders need to be fast to prevent opponents from making shots.

4) Goalkeeper: First time goallie for the club. Would like to thanks James and Colin for willing to take up this challenge to sit in as goallie during the absents of Bob. I've experince being goallie before and understand the urge in goallies to want to just grap a stick, run up to fight for the ball and to score goals. But to be goallie, this is the sacrifice needed to stand in the post at all times.

Good job as many shots from opponents was safe. Mainly due to good positioning and good focus. The 4 goals conceded were good goals from the opponents and difficult to prevent.

Area to improve is the ball throwing part. Few times the ball was thrown directly to opponents near the danger zone. If there is no good option to throw, goallie should hold the ball, stand up and look for other better options. No rush.

5) General to all players: Sasi mention that fitness is very important to play floorball as our body must have the ability to change directions within 1 second.

He mention that there are highly skilled, middle skilled and low skilled players. Well, let's keep it simple and let's all train hard so all players will be highly skilled?

Conclusion: Salibandy!Co first win of the season. Many more matches to go, so we all need to remain focus and continue to improve. Match 1 conceded 12 goals, Match 2 conceded 4 goals, Match 3 if we keep clean sheet, I'll belanja all players drink after the match!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SFL Match Day 1

Summary of Gang Bintang vs Salibandy!Co

Venue: Puchong Rakan Muda Complex
Time: 4pm to 6pm

Starting Line-up:

Goal Keeper: James
Defenders: Ricky, Kel Sern and Daniel Phang
Centers: Alvin and Isaac Boo
Forwards: Terence, Jonathan, Vincent and Leon

Captain: Daniel Phang

Referees: Suresh and Taqi

1st Period: Gang Bintang 2 - Salibandy!Co 3
2nd Period: Gang Bintang 5 - Salibandy!Co 6
3rd Period: Gang Bintang 12 - Salibandy!Co 9

Scores from Salibandy!Co
--> Daniel Phang 4 goals
--> Alvin Lee 2 goals
--> Terence 1 goal
--> Jonathan 1 goal

Man Of The Match: Daniel Phang and James

Team analysis:

1) Most the goals scored is from defender, therefore the forwards need to work extra hard to get the goals since scoring goals is the job of forwards. Did well in preasuring opponents and wining the ball. In addition, forwards need to have the ability to hold the ball upfront and create scoring oppurcunities. Train more ball control and shooting!

2) Defenders was able to control the game by good team passing in own half. Well done! Shall continue to keep our passing culture in every game.

3) Goalkeeper, this was your first match as a goallie and your debut match for Salibandy!Co, great job!!! Keep on train hard and you'll be a great player.

4) We were leading in the 1st and 2nd period because we are now stronger in terms of ability and more attacking power. We lost in the final period mainly due to lack of physical and stamina. We need to train MORE on STAMINA, if not history will repeat again!

5) Remember to do warm-up before start of game. You all know what I mean >.<

Conclusion: Salibandy!Co prove that we are capable of wining the best team (defending champions for 2 season) but just lack of physical fitness and man power which resulted in a defeat in the final period.