Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Salibandy!CO Core Team 2009/10

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, floorballers & Salibandiens!

Here I announce to you the successor of Salibandy!CO together with the new "Imba Core Team".

President: Ricky Tong (012-3586293)

Vice: Danush Ram

Head Coach: Andrian Ravin

Assistant Coach: Terence

Treasurer: Jonathan Low

Evant Manager: Gan Kel Sern

Girls Team Coordinator: Ying Ying

Thank you all very much for your support and prayer for the past year. I hope that everyone will continue to give your full support to Salibandy!CO and to this new Team of Leaders!

May this club continue to glorify God in every way.

With love,
Alvin Lee Jin Aun

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Selangor Floorball League

This two months of floorball league finally came to an end. All the excitement, stress, pressures, nervousness and tiredness ends as well. This is the first time that Salibandy!CO played in such a long league ( 8 matches=2 months ).

As the president of Salibandy!CO ( until this 15th Dec 09 only.. ) i'm very proud on all Salibandiens. This team have improve so much since one year ago when we played in the UM Floorball Tournament. Well done Captain Tong! u've done a great job as captain in this league.

I would say that this club has shown the meaning of "CO" in this league. In times of tense and rough play, we manage to keep calm and show respect to other teams. Although there were times that we just burst and lost our cool, well, i would say that it's part of the journey in becoming a better "CO" club in the future. Salibadiens, learn from mistakes k=)

Gracebandy!CO, although u guys only started floorball around 6 months ago, u all sure did well in this league. U all played with courage! U guys are the first batch of players for Gracebandy!CO that played in a tournament, use this experience and benefit your club. U guys (Gerard, Philip, Joomin, Jerwin & Kendrick) are the foundation of Gracebandy!CO. Keep it up! Your target is to get a full team to play in Selangor Floorball League Season 2! Yea!!

Here to inform everyone that i'll step down as president of Salibandy!CO on 15th Dec 09. Because... I'm graduating from College in January!!! Yahoo!!! The new president and core team shall be announced soon... i'll post up their names and post in this blog... until i announce... to be continue...

With love, Alvin Lee

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


To all Salibandien,

We'll be playing a floorball friendly match against Z-Tec from P.Pinang

  • Date: 12th December 2009
  • Time: 9am-11am
  • Venue: Sport Plaza (PJ)
  • Attire: Salibandy Black Jersey/any black t-shirt
All Salibandiens are invited to play this match as it would be a great experience. If any of you are interested to play, do inform me(Alvin 012-6481231)! 

Calling all supporters,

Please do come and give us your support in this friendly match and also do continue to support us as we play our final league match at 12noon. After this match would be the match between Subang Rascals VS Geng Bintang! This is a must watch match as it is the top two teams in Selangor playing.