Wednesday, May 20, 2009


25th april 2009

This year's Youthwave was great! Like how Manchester United winning the English Premier League for 3 years in a row, Salibandy!Co also did a hat-trick by getting 2nd place for the third straight year in a row. What a great achievement. Well done!

As for SaliChicks!Co, the girls managed to reach their first quater-final. Their performance was world-class even Messi won't have any chance of touching the ball! With the solid defence by Wen Lin (Vidic), strong defencive midfield by Alea (Carrick), attacking midfielders by Kar Yee ( Ronaldo ), Alice (Rooney) & Tharsa ( Giggs), and striker by Karen (Tevez). Together with the coaching stuffss who were screaming like professionals from the side, the whole team was just SUPERB!!

Special thanks to our camera woman, XIN XIN!! who managed to capture all the great moments during Youthwave. Here are some of her master piece:

Introducing to you, from left is Gavin our senior
player and yet so strong, Lee Jin Aun, Alvin,
Andrian with his stummy, and our newbie player
Loh Mai Kai (really delicious). And also our Ricky Tong and Kenny Weird who combined powers with Innebandy!Co.

Girls team:

From Left, is Karen, Alice, Kar Yee, Wen Lin,
Alea, Tharsa and Xin Xin!

To Innebandy!Co, thank you very bery fery much for giving us a wonderful time in Penang. And also thanks to Nicholas for guiding us throughout the tournament. And also to all Penang people who fetch us around Penang as we were really "Ma Fan" cause want to eat this and that and those and also all penang's food... so choosy. Really appreaciate your warm hospitality. It's great to be at the Land of Asam Laksa! Congratulation to T.O.P. for being the overall Champion!