Friday, March 18, 2011

for you all to understand.....

Please take some time to read and understand the below by a successful coach, John Wooden's.
This is not only for basketball, but also applies to other sports and life general....A great one...

A successful coach, a dedicated husband, and faithful Christian; these good character qualities have made John Robert Wooden (October 14, 1910 - June 04, 2010) a venerated image not just in basketball but also with life in general. More than being an inspiration to many, quotes by John Wooden have touched many people's lives.

Starting his career on basketball as a player, Wooden garnered the title of "Wizard of Westwood", became a three-time basketball All-American, and even enlisted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. After his active playing profession, he became a coach, handling Indiana State University and UCLA where he brought historical triumphs to the team and moulded Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul Jabbar to become NBA's all-time legends.

And one of the legacies Coach John Wooden left to serve inspiration not only to his players and followers, but also to many people who are still on the verge of finding success, is his Pyramid of Success which took him 14 years to complete.

As he puts it, quoted John Wooden:
"Success if peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."

The Pyramid of Success features different characteristics that a person must have to achieve his goal. Such factors are also arranged in its ideal position as Wooden believes that the right focus on the proper trait serves as a strong foundation that carries the rest of the aspects.

The 15 habits found in the pyramid are the following:
For the foundation: industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, and enthusiasm. He stressed that the cornerstone for a good foundation means hardwood and enjoying what you are doing.

2nd level: self-control, alertness, initiative and intentness

3rd level: condition, skill, and team spirit

4th level: poise and confidence

5th level: competitive greatness, where Wooden quote Cervantes, "the road is better than the inn."

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Training Training....

Dear All,

To your notice, we had well informed regards to our training every week on wed & thurs 8pm - 10pm at
Kelana Jaya basketball court....Your committment in this training is much appreciated.
We will do more of drills which includes sprinting, skills, and physical training.
Let's us all give our best and help one another to improve and consistent in our performance as well as a team.
Teamwork and commitment is very important for this training to keep going.
Unreasonable excuses not to attend this training will leads to neglect and shows lack of passion / desire to aim high.

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