Monday, October 20, 2008

The Upcoming league's rules and regulations

the league will be held at this coming wed and thurs @ 5pm to 7pm.

Rules and regulations

1) Each team must consist of 4 field players and 1 substitute (a mixture of 3 girls and 2 guys)

2) Regular game time shall be 8 minutes with no intermissions and the teams shall not change ends.

3) Game time shall be effective. (Implies that time shall be stopped whenever play is interrupted by the

Referee’s whistle, and started again when the ball is played.)

4) Only the team captain is entitled to speak to the referees. He is also obliged to assist them.

5) Substitution of players may take place at any time and an unlimited number of times during a match.

6) The referees shall have the right to stop a match if there is an obvious risk that it can not be continued

according to the rules and there’s unsportsmanlike behavior.

7) 2 minute bench penalty is carried out ;

-)When a player or a member of the team staff is guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour.

-)When a player, hits, blocks, lifts, kicks or holds an opponent or opponent's stick in order to win a

considerable advantage, or with no possibility of reaching the ball.

-)When a player violates the 3 metres rule at a hit-in or a free-hit.

-)When a field player stops or plays the ball when lying or sitting down.

-)When a field player stops or plays the ball with his hand, arm or head.

-)When a field player participates in play without a stick.

-)When a field player plays the ball above waist level with any part of his stick or his foot

-)When a player is guilty of dangerous play with the stick.

-)When a player forces or pushes an opponent against the board or the goal cage

-)When a team plays with too many players on the court.

8) All participations at own risks. The Organizers (Andy and Kel Vin) definitely will not assume any

responsibilities for personal injuries or loss of belongings, arising the participation in the league or activities related to the league.

9) All decisions made by the referees are deemed final and no dispute will be entertained.

10) Besides the above, the International Floorball Federation rules apply.

11) The organizers reserves the right to any decisions or changes made through the league

oh ya, per team need to pay rm10.. hehe...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Salibandy Open

To all salibandy:

There will be a inter sali competition:
It will be held 3rd week of the semester

The rules are:
  1. 5 people to a team (3 guys and 2 girls)
yet to come out...

4 more info call andrian about the team leaders.

(p.s the photo of penang trip will be up by next week)