Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Salibandy!CO Core Team 2009/10

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, floorballers & Salibandiens!

Here I announce to you the successor of Salibandy!CO together with the new "Imba Core Team".

President: Ricky Tong (012-3586293)

Vice: Danush Ram

Head Coach: Andrian Ravin

Assistant Coach: Terence

Treasurer: Jonathan Low

Evant Manager: Gan Kel Sern

Girls Team Coordinator: Ying Ying

Thank you all very much for your support and prayer for the past year. I hope that everyone will continue to give your full support to Salibandy!CO and to this new Team of Leaders!

May this club continue to glorify God in every way.

With love,
Alvin Lee Jin Aun

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Selangor Floorball League

This two months of floorball league finally came to an end. All the excitement, stress, pressures, nervousness and tiredness ends as well. This is the first time that Salibandy!CO played in such a long league ( 8 matches=2 months ).

As the president of Salibandy!CO ( until this 15th Dec 09 only.. ) i'm very proud on all Salibandiens. This team have improve so much since one year ago when we played in the UM Floorball Tournament. Well done Captain Tong! u've done a great job as captain in this league.

I would say that this club has shown the meaning of "CO" in this league. In times of tense and rough play, we manage to keep calm and show respect to other teams. Although there were times that we just burst and lost our cool, well, i would say that it's part of the journey in becoming a better "CO" club in the future. Salibadiens, learn from mistakes k=)

Gracebandy!CO, although u guys only started floorball around 6 months ago, u all sure did well in this league. U all played with courage! U guys are the first batch of players for Gracebandy!CO that played in a tournament, use this experience and benefit your club. U guys (Gerard, Philip, Joomin, Jerwin & Kendrick) are the foundation of Gracebandy!CO. Keep it up! Your target is to get a full team to play in Selangor Floorball League Season 2! Yea!!

Here to inform everyone that i'll step down as president of Salibandy!CO on 15th Dec 09. Because... I'm graduating from College in January!!! Yahoo!!! The new president and core team shall be announced soon... i'll post up their names and post in this blog... until i announce... to be continue...

With love, Alvin Lee

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


To all Salibandien,

We'll be playing a floorball friendly match against Z-Tec from P.Pinang

  • Date: 12th December 2009
  • Time: 9am-11am
  • Venue: Sport Plaza (PJ)
  • Attire: Salibandy Black Jersey/any black t-shirt
All Salibandiens are invited to play this match as it would be a great experience. If any of you are interested to play, do inform me(Alvin 012-6481231)! 

Calling all supporters,

Please do come and give us your support in this friendly match and also do continue to support us as we play our final league match at 12noon. After this match would be the match between Subang Rascals VS Geng Bintang! This is a must watch match as it is the top two teams in Selangor playing. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Floorball up down left right...

Have you ever wonder how to improve in your floorball skills?
How only I can play floorball better than now?

What more questions
come to you?
This will be the answer.......
-Everyday make an afford to spend at least 1 hour to practice the basics(passing,shooting...)
-Every week spend at least 2 days join us in tarc futsal court for game.
-Every week spend some time train up ur stamina (jogging,running...)

And most importantly is.....

Sleep with your floorball stick...and have a nice dream with it =)

So, try it...
You will never be regret!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Schedule

Dear all salibandy!Co's players, this is the latest league schedule. Hope you will take note of it and mark it down in your calender k. So, see you in college's futsal court for training and God bless =)

Updated League Schedule

Subang Rascals v. Salibandy!Co. (12.15PM)

Hornets v. Gang Bintang (2.30 PM)

Griffin v. Subang Rascals (4.45 PM)

Griffin v. Salibandy!Co. (12.15 PM)

Subang Rascals v. Hornets (2.30PM)

Gang Bintang v. Griffin (4.45 PM)


Gang Bintang v. Hornets (10.00 AM)

Salibandy!Co. v. Gang Bintang (2.30 PM)

Griffin v. Hornets (4.45 PM)


Hornets v. Salibandy!Co. (12.15 PM)

Rascals v. Gang Bintang (2.45 PM)

4.45 PM - Prize Giving; Selangor State Team Nomination & Celebration (attendance is compulsory)

(For any information, please contact Alvin 012-6481231.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is the new schedule for KL League (pls take note!)
-all sunday match have been put to saturday.

* 1st Game starts at 12pm;
* 2nd Game starts at 2.30pm;
* 3rd Game starts at 5.00pm

Salibandy v. Hornets
Rascals v. Griffin
Geng Bintang v. Salibandy

Hornets v. Rascals
Griffin v. Geng Bintang
Salibandy v. Rascals

Hornets v. Griffin
Geng Bintang v. Rascals
Salibandy v. Griffin

*Rascals v. Salibandy
Hornets v. Geng Bintang
Griffin v. Rascals

Griffin v. Salibandy
Rascals v. Hornets
Geng Bintang v. Griffin

Hornets v. Salibandy
Rascals v. Geng Bintang
Griffin v. Hornets

Geng Bintang v. Hornets
Salibandy v. Geng Bintang *

*subject to change

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1. Subang Rascals
2. Geng Bintang
3. Salibandy!Co.
4. KLIUC Griffin
5. KLIUC Hornets

- 1st Game on Saturdays starts at 2pm;
- 2nd game on Saturdays starts at 4.30pm
- Game on Sunday starts at 4.00pm

24-10-2009 (Saturday)
Salibandy!CO v. Hornets
Rascals v. Griffin

25-10-2009 (Sunday)
Geng Bintang v. Salibandy!CO

31-10-2009 (Saturday)
Hornets v. Rascals
Griffin v. Geng Bintang

1-11-2009 (Sunday)
Salibandy!CO v. Rascals

7-11-2009 (Saturday)
Hornets v. Griffin
Geng Bintang v. Rascals

8-11-2009 (Sunday)
Salibandy!CO v. Griffin

14-11-2009 (Saturday)
*Rascals v. Salibandy!CO
Hornet v. Geng Bintang

15-11-2009 (Sunday)
Griffin v. Rascals

21-11-2009 (Saturday)
Griffin v. Salibandy!CO
Rascals v. Hornets

22-11-2009 (Sunday)
Geng Bintang v. Griffin

28-11-2009 (Saturday)
Hornets v. Salibandy!CO
Rascals v. Geng Bintang

29-11-2009 (Sunday)
Griffin v. Hornets

5-12-2009 (Saturday)
Geng Bintang v. Hornet

6-12-2009 (Sunday)
Salibandy!CO v. Geng Bintang

* subject to change

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

KL Floorball League Schedule

( 24th OCTOBER 2009 )- Saturday

  • Salibandy!CO vs Hornets (2-4pm)
  • Rascals vs Griffin (5-7pm)

( 25th OCTOBER 2009 ) - Sunday

  • Gang Bintang vs Salibandy!CO (4-6pm)

Attire: Sali's Black jersey and pants (or any black T-shirts)

Time to be at court is ONE HOUR before game start.

Must inform me(Alvin) a day earlier if you can't play the match.

Train Hard Train Smart

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Here are some updates about the league

For this tournament, we will have RICKY TONG JUN JIAT to be Salibandy!CO captain! Yea!!! So, let's keep him in prayer and give him your full support =)

The League schedule is not out yet, so wait patiently ya. In the mean time, let's take up your stick and start training at home. It's important to brush up your basics.

For this semester, our TARC training will be on every Thursday & Friday. Do come and support ya!

One last announcement: Player are now require to be registered as a floorball player to be allowed to participate in any floorball tournament or events now and in future. Annual fee is RM10

So if you're interested, pls sent me your full name, ic & jersey number(if no jersey nvm) to 012-6481231 (Alvin). Deadline is 9th Oct 09.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KL League

Calling all faithful Salibandiens...
There will be a floorball competition called KL League...
Will be start on 17th Oct @ Sport Plaza...
The match is on every saturday from 12pm - 5 pm depends on which match we will play...
The match will be last for 8 weeks...
Registration of your details (Name, IC number, Jersey no) is needed if you are interested to join...
We need more than 20 players to join this competition...
So, do not hesitate to call Alvin @ 012-6481231 for more information...
Hope that you will be part of the competition!
See you and happy holiday~~~

Salibandiens' Makan Day

All Salibandiens are called to have a semester end's dinner JJ house...
The food that we had... Oh...
We are too hungry, so only took picture after we finish makan...
So, the pot that left behind...

Look at this... Ricky too hungry already... He try to lick the souce in the pot...yer...
The fellowship time...
A good time to catch up with one another... and also to joke and laugh together...

Look at this ...Tharma and Ee Rick... Erm... Don't misunderstand them k...
They are just too good friends with each others... and we are all brothers & sisters...

During the makan time, we have announced the player of the semester for semester 1 year 2009/2010... The player of the sem is....
is...... Daniel Phang... Congratulation!!!
All other players, you all still have a chance to be the player of the semester...So, gambateh ; practice more and come & join us more for floorball...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friendly Match!

ITE from Singapore came all the way to Malaysia for a floorball tour. On 30th June 2009, Salibandy!CO played a friendly match against them. This is our first time playing againts an oversea team. Thumbs up to all players as they fought hard in the game. Although they knock us from left and right, and sent Tharma (Sali's smallest size player) flying all over the ground, we really enjoyed the match^=^

Salibandy!CO vs ITE

1st quater: 1-0

2nd quater: 1-2

3rd quater: 5-3

Final score: 7-5

Man of The Match: Jethro

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introducing Gracebandy!Co

Ladies & Gentlemens, Boys & Girls!
Lets put your floorball sticks together to welcome the newiest in the family!


Lead by Gerard and Edwin Wong, GraceBandy!Co was form on the 14th June 2009, 5pm. This floorball club is form by the youth from Grace Church, Shah Alam. The youth are known as B.O.M.B. ---> Bunch Of Mighty Believers!

Indeed they're mighty as they only had their 1st
floorball training on that day, during the game
session, they played really well, with courage and
speed, they even managed to give the senior
players a tough time. A lot managed to pick up
the sport very fast!

Event: FloorbaLL
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Venue: USJ4 Public Futsal Cage
With a nice and "more smooth that TARC" futsal
court, it's a great place to play floorball. God's
blessing was seen on that day as the cloud
became dark, and rain started to drop, but the
wind took all the dark clouds away and allowed us to have a clear sky to have this first floorball

Lets give our full support to this newly team. If
you're staying any where near Shah Alam, or far
from Shah Alam, just grab your stick and head to
USJ4 to join GraceBandy!Co. I promised that
you'll enjoy it!

Gerard says:" come for a gut wrenching and heart pumping time of shedding fat and body toning with floorball. You'll love it. Guranteed!".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


25th april 2009

This year's Youthwave was great! Like how Manchester United winning the English Premier League for 3 years in a row, Salibandy!Co also did a hat-trick by getting 2nd place for the third straight year in a row. What a great achievement. Well done!

As for SaliChicks!Co, the girls managed to reach their first quater-final. Their performance was world-class even Messi won't have any chance of touching the ball! With the solid defence by Wen Lin (Vidic), strong defencive midfield by Alea (Carrick), attacking midfielders by Kar Yee ( Ronaldo ), Alice (Rooney) & Tharsa ( Giggs), and striker by Karen (Tevez). Together with the coaching stuffss who were screaming like professionals from the side, the whole team was just SUPERB!!

Special thanks to our camera woman, XIN XIN!! who managed to capture all the great moments during Youthwave. Here are some of her master piece:

Introducing to you, from left is Gavin our senior
player and yet so strong, Lee Jin Aun, Alvin,
Andrian with his stummy, and our newbie player
Loh Mai Kai (really delicious). And also our Ricky Tong and Kenny Weird who combined powers with Innebandy!Co.

Girls team:

From Left, is Karen, Alice, Kar Yee, Wen Lin,
Alea, Tharsa and Xin Xin!

To Innebandy!Co, thank you very bery fery much for giving us a wonderful time in Penang. And also thanks to Nicholas for guiding us throughout the tournament. And also to all Penang people who fetch us around Penang as we were really "Ma Fan" cause want to eat this and that and those and also all penang's food... so choosy. Really appreaciate your warm hospitality. It's great to be at the Land of Asam Laksa! Congratulation to T.O.P. for being the overall Champion!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sports Camp - Floorball!!!

Ring Ring.... Ring Ring.... Ring Ring.... (Nokia N1110i is ringing)

Alvin: Hello.. (blur, coz it's unknown number..)
Teacher: Hello, good morning!
Alvin: ............... ( bla bla bla)
Teacher: .................. (bla bla, blu bla ble...)
Alvin: ............( bla bla)
Teacher: Can u guys come to our school to conduct a session about floorball??
Alvin: O!!! Sure!!! Yeepy!!!

That's how Salibandy was invited by SMK Methodist Tanjung Malim to teach them floorball.

13th March 2009

10pm - started our journey to Perak
11.30pm - Reach Dharma's house. Overnight there
11.35pm - Kel Sern being as blur as he can be, he reintroduce himself to Dharma (actually they already know each other) and thought his name is Paul just because he is Indian.
11.40pm - Kel Sern wanted to bring in the goalpost to the house (maybe he thought we playing that night)
11.41pm - Kel Sern curi curi bring in his shoe bag into the room ( he still thinks we gonna play that night).
12midnight - 3 guys on a bed. What you think happen? ( Sleep la, what else??? haiz.. )

14th March 2009

7.20am - Woke up by the chickens...
7.45am - Breakfast!
7.46am - Even though all of us know that Dharma mum cook the Tosai for us, yet Kel Sern choose to ask, " eh, your mum cook this Tosai ar?" as if the Tosai came from the chickens..
7.15am - Bertolak to the school (the guys were hopping for some pretty Form5 girls)
7.30am - Reach!

5 Salibandians from TARC came to this school with a vision to introduce floorball and to let the students have a fun time! Our passion!

From left, without his yellow pants - Alvin

2nd from left, not the original goalkeeper - Andrian

3rd from left, the Green F1 driver - Alice

Right side, the Blur King - Kel Sern

Bottom, "Tanjung Malim Hero" - Dharma

There were around 43 students who came for this Sports Camp together with 6 teachers. Thanks to Pn. Lau who organised this camp and invited us there.

Our session started by a short floorball demo, introduction of what is floorball by Kel Sern, rules by Andrian, and "how to hold a stick" by Alice.

Followed by some simple ball control and passing drills...

Getting ready to show their skills although this is their first time playing this sport.

Look at their faces... so focus man!

After the drills we let them have a short competition to really play the game. Winners will have Floorball KeyChains! Home made key chains.. only available at Salibandy.

Divided into 4 teams ( 11 people each team),
Something like Thomas Cup la.. figure it out


Group B won the Prestigious Title!
With their Floorball KeyChains,
they are a very bery fery happy team!

A special thanks to Andrian and Kel Sern who became refeeres throughout the competition.

Refeere Kayu? No la... very pro!

Besides learning floorball, this young girl was curious about college life. So we have Alice to give her a piece of cake. Ops, it's, to give her a piece her experience in college and also about the courses offered in TARC.

She is so cute right?? But Alice forgot to ask her name....
Mo yong betul... hehe...

And finally.... After the camp ended, the teachers took us to a nearby river to play water. Maybe it's because we were too smelly. Hahaha.. u think very funny ar. Don't laugh at us kay!

After the river trip.

- The end -

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey all you Salibandians!

We gonna start floorball in TARC this week, as usual, every Wednesday, 5pm at footsal court.

The only difference this time is that I will not be around on Wed due to Practical Training in Ampang. No worries, for this 3rd semester, we'll have a young, handsome, smart, talented, and skillful person to lead the club during my absent. He's our very own JETHRO!!!

You all better give him your full support k. If not, u'll see!! HAHA!!

Oh ya, YouthWave would be around April. Be prepare K. Start training now.

By, Alvin Lee

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 vs 3 UM League

hey fellow Floorballers,

Out of a burst of sudden short message service (SMS) from Song Sing, our "Thing", came a 3 on 3 UM league. How? why? when? what? which? Do not worry of fret as the precious info is out here!

What? : UM league-"lah" what else!
When? : Starting from 26th of February 09 onwards (Every Thursday)
Time? : 6pm onwards
Where?: University Malaya-"lah" why else its called UM!
How? : Faster form a group of 4 players, ( all dudes, all gurls, rojak) [3 players, 1 sub]
Why ? : You'll know when we know.. (joking)

All team's info must and fast be given to Song Sing @ 016-9695650. Remember it's not a singing league. Don't sing to Song!...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Semester break

Dear all salibandy!Co's players, this month is semester break for the diploma students. So, there are no any training for this month. Training will be continue next month. The player of the 2nd semester is Andrian Ravin, a player that made in Malaysia. Further details about this player will be updated in the next post.

Malaysia vs India

One of our player, Alvin has been selected to join national team. Congratulation! On 5th of December, there is a friendly match between Malaysia team and India team.
Before the match

End of the match
On 5th of Nov 2008, Alvin, Alice and Song Sing have attended a coaching course in University Malaya. The coach that have been coaching us for the whole course is the national coach from Switzerland, which is the handsome guy stand beside Song Sing.
This course is also attended by a few famous player from Singapore. Here are some of them. This course is truly memorable and we have learned a lot from it, ball's drilling, passing and many more.

The Salibandians' championship league

On 23 October 2008, the Salibandy!Co had a championship league in University Malaya's floorball court. This is the champion team! Congratulation!