Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Player of the Sem

Full Name : Jethro Wong Siew Weng

Date of Birth : 23/08/1990

Number of year(s) played : Less than a year

Position on court : Forward

Position in club : Player

Stick brand :
Speedhoc, Fatpipe

Left or Right hand stick :
Right hand stick

Number of stick(s) :

Team(s) Represented :

Most admired floorball player(s)
Alvin : a great leader and a responsible one. He taught me most of the time while I am still learning about the sport.

What make you become player of the sem :
Err ..my commitment and improvement in the sport ( I think ? xD)

Best teammate(s) :
Song Sing, Kel Sern, Andrian

Normal Post

Most memorable moment in floorball? My debut for the club in the Floorball Intervarsity ASEAN Competition at UM. We got bronze !!

Who do you want to be and what do you want to achieve in the floorball scene of Malaysia in One year's time?
Being a great teammate and seeing Salibandy’s vision to be fulfilled at a right attitude and also to build up great passion among the team.

Looking forward to anything?? Success in the club !!

Anything you want to tell to the floorballers in Salibandy.Co! Just play and attend trainings xD

Any last words? Floorball as a way of life =)

Watch out!!!