Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Salibandy!Co Batch 2012

The year 2012 is approaching soon, by then, Salibandy!Co would have been in TARC for 6 years, establised since year 2006.

Throughout these years, I've seen and get to know many players in and out of this club. Having the first batch of floorballers in TARC are such as Deswyn, Gerard, Andrew Yeap, Danush, Andrian, Gavin, Song Sing, Dorcus etc....

and then when some of these senior players graduated and left college, a new batch of players arises such as Kel Sern, Ricky, daniel phang, Errol, Ravi, Jonathan, Terence, Fabian, bob, etc...

and now that the year is approaching 2012, we also have the latest batch of players such as Isaac Kong, Kenaan, Vincent Cheah, Jansen, James, etc....

There are many more player's name which I missed out, just too much to type all here. hehe=) Anyway, the main point is I feel very blessed to know all these players. Each has their own special style of floorball and character.

Looking back of all these years, Salibandy!Co had gone through a lot... these experiences can't be describe by words. In short, this club had been part of many player's life during and after college.

Salibandy!Co will kick-start it's first league match on 1st Janauary 2012 VS the defending champion "Gang Bintang". Although Salibandy!Co had never won against Gang Bintang since SFL Season 1, but things might be different this time. Since the departure of the 1st batch of senior players, Salibandy!Co had then slowly grown to be a stronger and more competitive team.

League 1 of SFL, Salibandy!Co got 3rd placing, and in the 2nd SFL League, we drop to 5th placing. Although disapoiniting, but we've put the past behind and will start this 3rd season with high spirits. We aim to get nothing lessor than 3rd placing this season. Although there are more stronger teams now, but we shall not fear.

May Salibandy!Co continue to play as a Co team and to achieve the imposibles!

Here we come SFL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!