Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SFL Match Day 10 - Gracebandy!Co vs Salibandy!Co

SFL Match Day 10 - Gracebandy!Co vs Salibandy!Co

Date: 17th March 2012
Time: 6pm-8pm
Venue: Rakan Muda Puchong

Starting line-up:
Goallie: Serb
Defenders: Ricky, Alvin & Kel Sern
Center: Terence
Forwards: Isaac Kong, Keenan (2nd period only), Isaac Boo and Alice

Captain: Kel Sern

1st period : Gracebandy!Co 0 - Salibandy!Co 1
2nd period :
Gracebandy!Co 1 - Salibandy!Co 5
3rd period : Gracebandy!Co 1 - Salibandy!Co 10

1st period:
We started off the match playing 50% as per what we've learnt. Truthfully, everything was alright and our defense looked very solid, forwards and defenders were passing the ball around the court. When opponents got the ball, we went back to 50%, very disciplined. However there were two times that we had the power play advantage and both times we did not convert it into a goal. The reason? We were too afraid and hesitated to attack because we were so used to our 50%. Well, the proper way to do it is to press opponents when we have power play. If you're tired, go and change, let others chase if you can't. Overall very good 1st period as we conserved our energy and kept our cool.

2nd period:
Not long after face off, Mervin broke down the middle and took a shot at goal which entered right above Serb's helmet. Well, we've been conceding quite a lot of long shot goals this season and here's another one. To prevent anymore far shot goals, forwards should block the angles, and shadow the opponents giving them no chance and space to take a shot. Now, it seems like that goal actually made everyone work together more defensively as we did not concede anymore after that. The reason? The forwards were running down to block the shooters and ball carriers, center was in the center, defenders got their men and all in all we really defended like a team :). Our possession and control over the game resulting in us taking the lead and extending it to 5-1 at the end of the 2nd period.

3rd period:
With confidence beaming, we entered the court again for the 3rd period. To be honest, the start of the 3rd period was very sloppy and we allowed Gracebandy!Co to get lots of possession and even have a few shots on target. However we managed to pull ourselves up and play like a team again. Defensively, offensively and possessionively =/.

1). We saw more of Isaac Boo, Kong, Keenan and Alice today as they had more playing time compared to the other games. Must say that they really impressed when the time came. Alice scored a goal, Keenan chased the ball even though he was sick, Boo shot a lot on target, and Kong did a fantastic defensive job.

2).However, there are still lots of blind passes, which is something we need to work on in order to improve.

3). Ball control and ball possession, need to be stronger and be able to protect our ball.

4). Shots! More more more shots!

5). Alvin, Ricky and Terence. You guys did very well today with passing, defending, shooting, etc. No need to say so much bout you guys lah, later Ricky kembang and score own goal in next match.

6).TEAMWORK. Because we worked together as a team, God gave us strength and team spirit brought us victory. Let's continue to keep working TOGETHER alright?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SFL Match Day 9 - KLIUC Hornets vs Salibandy!Co

Date: 9th March 2012
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Rakan Muda Puchong

Starting line-up:
Goallie: Serb
Defenders: Song Sing, Ricky, Alvin & James
Centers: Terence and Jansen
Forwards: Jonathan, Colin, Daniel, Isaac Kong, Keenan and Kel Sern

Captain: Daniel Phang

Final Score: KLIUC Hornets 7 - Salibandy!Co 6

*sorry as I've forgoten the scores for each quarter.

Once again, we conceeded easy goals in the first and second period, but this time we didn't manage to do our usual comeback at the third period. It's never nice to taste defeat, but this is just a short-term pain to sharpen ourselves.

The sharpening process is always painful but in the end, it makes you a better player. (Provided you learn from this experience and not just go home and emo...)

"Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even."
~ Mohammad Ali

There's 9 more matches to go, and this 9 matches will be more challenging compare to our previous 9 matches as every team, every player are continuesly improving. So we better train hard ourselves at home and commit in Friday's training under Coach Sasi.

During season 1 people come and ask me why I train so hard? and my answer is because my team is new and I need to train the extra mile to strenghten the team more. I believe this is how many of you who trains hard feels too. I hope that each player won't just train for self-benefit, but let's train for a bigger purpose. Let's train hard together so that Salibandy!Co will be the best! We are already half way there where many players view us as one of the top teams in Selangor. But it will only be confirm at the end of the season of what we really are.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itselfs."
~ Henry Ford

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SFL Match Day 8 - KLIUC Griffin vs Salibandy!Co

Date: 3rd March 2012
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Rakan Muda Puchong

Starting line-up:
Goallie: Serb
Defenders: Song Sing, Ricky, Alvin and Kel Sern
Centers: Terence, Daniel and Alice
Forwards: Jonathan, Vincent, Colin, Isaac Kong

Captain: Daniel

Coach: Sasi

1st Period: KLIUC Griffin 1 - Salibandy!Co 2
2nd Period: KLIUC Griffin 4 - Salibandy!Co 2
3rd Period: KLIUC Griffin 5 - Salibandy!Co 7

Scores from Salibandy!Co:
---> Terence 3 goals
---> Daniel 2 goals
---> Alvin 1 goal
---> Kel Sern 1 goal

Team analysis:

I guesse this week's analysis is much easy to write as our coach Sasi had sum it all properly and effectively.

Every match we'll shout "One Team One Way!" But did we really live up to the "One Team"? Until this match where Sasi made it easy for us to understand:

Sasi:"See! you're not fit to play, you must come for training!"

Sasi:"If you wanna play like that (solo), I'll bring you out to play alone!"

Sasi:"Pass the ball! If not I'll put you on the bench permanently!"

Sasi:" No one dribble the ball, PASS it! Let the ball do the work!"

*please don't take it personally, as this comments are to improve the team and ourselves. So for players who didn't played in this match, read these comments properly so as not to repeat mistake in coming matches.

Conclusion: We won the match in the 3rd period by one simple strategy = Passing