Monday, March 16, 2009

Sports Camp - Floorball!!!

Ring Ring.... Ring Ring.... Ring Ring.... (Nokia N1110i is ringing)

Alvin: Hello.. (blur, coz it's unknown number..)
Teacher: Hello, good morning!
Alvin: ............... ( bla bla bla)
Teacher: .................. (bla bla, blu bla ble...)
Alvin: ............( bla bla)
Teacher: Can u guys come to our school to conduct a session about floorball??
Alvin: O!!! Sure!!! Yeepy!!!

That's how Salibandy was invited by SMK Methodist Tanjung Malim to teach them floorball.

13th March 2009

10pm - started our journey to Perak
11.30pm - Reach Dharma's house. Overnight there
11.35pm - Kel Sern being as blur as he can be, he reintroduce himself to Dharma (actually they already know each other) and thought his name is Paul just because he is Indian.
11.40pm - Kel Sern wanted to bring in the goalpost to the house (maybe he thought we playing that night)
11.41pm - Kel Sern curi curi bring in his shoe bag into the room ( he still thinks we gonna play that night).
12midnight - 3 guys on a bed. What you think happen? ( Sleep la, what else??? haiz.. )

14th March 2009

7.20am - Woke up by the chickens...
7.45am - Breakfast!
7.46am - Even though all of us know that Dharma mum cook the Tosai for us, yet Kel Sern choose to ask, " eh, your mum cook this Tosai ar?" as if the Tosai came from the chickens..
7.15am - Bertolak to the school (the guys were hopping for some pretty Form5 girls)
7.30am - Reach!

5 Salibandians from TARC came to this school with a vision to introduce floorball and to let the students have a fun time! Our passion!

From left, without his yellow pants - Alvin

2nd from left, not the original goalkeeper - Andrian

3rd from left, the Green F1 driver - Alice

Right side, the Blur King - Kel Sern

Bottom, "Tanjung Malim Hero" - Dharma

There were around 43 students who came for this Sports Camp together with 6 teachers. Thanks to Pn. Lau who organised this camp and invited us there.

Our session started by a short floorball demo, introduction of what is floorball by Kel Sern, rules by Andrian, and "how to hold a stick" by Alice.

Followed by some simple ball control and passing drills...

Getting ready to show their skills although this is their first time playing this sport.

Look at their faces... so focus man!

After the drills we let them have a short competition to really play the game. Winners will have Floorball KeyChains! Home made key chains.. only available at Salibandy.

Divided into 4 teams ( 11 people each team),
Something like Thomas Cup la.. figure it out


Group B won the Prestigious Title!
With their Floorball KeyChains,
they are a very bery fery happy team!

A special thanks to Andrian and Kel Sern who became refeeres throughout the competition.

Refeere Kayu? No la... very pro!

Besides learning floorball, this young girl was curious about college life. So we have Alice to give her a piece of cake. Ops, it's, to give her a piece her experience in college and also about the courses offered in TARC.

She is so cute right?? But Alice forgot to ask her name....
Mo yong betul... hehe...

And finally.... After the camp ended, the teachers took us to a nearby river to play water. Maybe it's because we were too smelly. Hahaha.. u think very funny ar. Don't laugh at us kay!

After the river trip.

- The end -

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey all you Salibandians!

We gonna start floorball in TARC this week, as usual, every Wednesday, 5pm at footsal court.

The only difference this time is that I will not be around on Wed due to Practical Training in Ampang. No worries, for this 3rd semester, we'll have a young, handsome, smart, talented, and skillful person to lead the club during my absent. He's our very own JETHRO!!!

You all better give him your full support k. If not, u'll see!! HAHA!!

Oh ya, YouthWave would be around April. Be prepare K. Start training now.

By, Alvin Lee