Saturday, February 22, 2014

1st Match : vs GMI White Knights (22nd of February)

Victory 7 - 1

Goal Scorers:

Terence - 2
Tze Wei - 2
Alvin Lee - 1
Song Sing - 1
Jeremy - 1

Goal Assists:

Mat (Terence)
Philip (Tze Wei)
Andy (Alvin & Terence)
Edwin (Jeremy)

Goals worth mentioning:

- Song Sing
With mighty biceps and triceps, this hercules of Salibandy!Co made a stunning shot from a distance behind the half-court line. A slap shot that struck the bottom right corner of GMI White Knights' goal attained the cheers from the blue side. The players on and off court were clearly stunned by the amazing goal.

- Tze Wei
A typical start from a free hit was turned into an amazing play by the rising center of Salibandy!Co. A pass was made along the left side of the court, an with amazing ball control, Tze Wei took the ball and dribble pass his man and went for a straight 1 on 1 confrontation with the goalkeeper. His ball control was already an eye candy, yet the center was not gonna stop there. With a slight flick of his blade, he chipped the ball over the stretched out goalkeeper only to find the ball ending up in the top right corner of the net.


The first period of the game was a slow start as players from GMI White Knights were not pressuring the players of Salibandy!Co. But slowly, as momentum built up and everyone getting into the heat of the game, the court was chaotic with everyone running around fighting for the ball. Some knew what they were doing, others didn't. Coach Alvin Lee mentioned that it was a cat and dog fight.

Second period was more of a calm and composed game. With this atmosphere, Salibandy!Co began seeing the fruits of being calm and keeping their composure as it resulted in widening the gap between the teams' score. Passes were made and shots were taken.

Third period was a stalemate period. With no goals from either side, the game ended with the score of 7 - 1, victory going into the hands of Salibandy!Co.


This is the first match for the new and improved Salibandy!Co. With many addition to the team, it may have resulted in a mismatch and miscommunication which led to a messy game for Salibandy!Co. Yet, with more trainings together, hopefully the team will begin to be more united and more like-minded in order to make their mark in SFL 2014

Quote of the day:

"The score is 7 - 1. We are leading by 6 goals. But that gives us NO RIGHT to play at our 90%. We have to play at 100%" - Kel Sern (paraphrased)

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