Sunday, March 2, 2014

2nd Match : vs Gang Bintang (1st of March)

Victory 4 - 3

Goal Scorer:

Andrian - 4

Goal Assists:

Jonathan - 2

Alvin - 2

Goal worth mentioning:

- Andrian
3rd period. 3 - 3. Substitute keeper. It's probably stalemate for the game with two very strong teams putting in everything they have. The hall was filled with only shouts from both sides. Hearts beat faster than the ticks of the clock. A whistle blow! A pass from Alvin Lee manages to find the blade of Andrian like a magnet attracting another magnet. A shot straight into the goal. Screams from the bench, from the audience. The smile on everyone's faces. Kel Sern: "Guys, 5 seconds more. Defend". And what seemed to be a long game ended with victory shouts from the blue side.


First period started off with the strategy of having only 2 lines as not everyone was on time to be set in a line. A fast paced period with both teams fighting for "first blood". Salibandy!Co kept changing their lines to keep everyone in tip top condition against a team that has never left any team not fighting for scores. However, the period ended with a draw of 0 - 0.

3 lines. New strategy for Salibandy!Co. With Song Sing taking charge of the lines, the players began communicating more and teamwork can be seen throughout the entire period. Shots were taken from long and short distance but nothing came close to a goal. 7 minutes into the period, a pass from Jonathan Low(#5) from the side towards the center was collected by Andrian(#18) and if the shot was any harder, it would have broken through the net. 2 minutes later, it was as if someone recorded the first goal and replayed the scene. A pass from Jonathan again finding its mark and Andrian again taking a softer shot with such "macha-ness" to put another goal under his name. But Gang Bintang answered with two goals of their own, ending the period with another draw at 2 -2.

No words can express how intense the third period was. Keeper Skipper Colin Gan(#1) was down and out. Jeremy Yap(#10) was assigned to guard the post as a substitute keeper. Before the start of the period, the team gathered for a pep talk. Unity was further strengthen in Salibandy!Co as a few players began to speak what was in their hearts. Playing with only 8 players in the third period, a strategy of using the more senior and more experienced players to secure a win, Salibandy!Co fought with everything they had. Starting off the period with a misplay, awarding Gang Bintang with a penalty, it seemed like "out of the frying pan into the fire" for the blue team. But an unexpected save by the substitute keeper managed to keep the score even. With that, a fire was fanned as every single one of the field players strived to put the ball into the net. At the 3rd minute, a shot from Alvin Lee(#28) from past half-court was reflected off Andrian and made its way into the goal. But Gang Bintang bared their fangs and bit back at the 9th minute to once again keep victory away from the hands of Salibandy!Co. What seemed longer than the Egyptian civilisation, victory was already slipping off of the hands of Salibandy!Co. At 19:55, the dynamic A&A duo (Alvin and Andrian) again made an impressive play which Amazingly and Awesomely gained cheers from both the team and the spectators. 5 seconds down the clock, as a shot from Gang Bintang was caught by Jeremy, stalling was done and the final whistle sealed the deal for Salibandy!Co, locking in another victory for the blue team.


Team unity and team communication was ultimately the saviour of this match. Every single player put in a good fight to win balls, block shots, and in the end winning the game. This goes to show that every one of Salibandy!Co has the winning potential and as a team, clutch goals can be made.

Quote of the day:

"I only know one thing, no matter how good, terrifying, and horrifying a team ever comes against me, I will never back down. They must give me a damn good reason for me to lose. Or if they want to win against me, they must put everything in their soul. That's how I will put up the fight." - Andrian (paraphrased) 

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