Friday, March 14, 2014

3rd Match : vs Subang Rascals ( 8th of March )

Loss 6 - 7

Goal Scorer:

Alvin Lee - 2

Daniel Phang - 2
Andrian - 1
Terence - 1

Goal Assists:

Goal worth mentioning:

- Alvin Lee
In the 1st period, Jeremy (#10) made a huge mistake for the trailing team as he continued playing the game while on the ground forcing Salibandy!Co to play a 4v5 game. However despite the pressure coming from the menacing Subang Rascal, Andrian(#18) managed to pull off a through pass which connected to Alvin's(#28) blade. With a slight dribble, the marksman Alvin shot the ball straight past the keeper and into to a goal to put Salibandy!Co in high hopes of their 4-man team.


First period started off with a bang with both teams fighting for the ball. Both teams played exceptional floorball. However, Subang Rascals flexed their muscles with Dennis Thulin firing a backhand slapshot that went straight into the top-left hand corner of the goal. Waves after waves of attack proves to be too overwhelming for Salibandy!Co as the repeated mistake of allowing the forwards of Subang Rascals unguarded in the defence zone. 3 more goals were handed to Subang Rascals just because of that. But, Salibandy!Co bit back when Terence(#3) did a spin to pass his markers and hit a fast shot that bee-lined past Azmill, the keeper for Subang Rascals. At the brink of the match, a mistake from Jeremy cost him a 2-minutes penalty, forcing a 4-man team of Salibandy!Co to go against the power line of Subang Rascals. Keeping the pressure up, Subang Rascals did not get complacent but an amazing play by Andrian and Alvin managed to secure a goal for Salibandy!Co to keep them in the game.

Second period seemed to go more in favour for Salibandy!Co. With the same 3 lines as the first period, Salibandy!Co increased their game tempo to keep up with the likes of Subang Rascals. 2 goals were obtained by Salibandy!Co's own Suarez, Daniel Phang(#7) also he played the ball with such skills to find the goal just through the small gaps of the keeper's legs. Both goals, just like a video on repeat. Andrian(#18) also managed to keep up with the hype surrounding him as he managed to handle a ball that found its target in the net.

Third period was the most intense period for both teams. Coming into the period with the score of 5 - 6 in favour for the Rascals, both teams were relentless in their pursuit of victory. Rascals never stopped pushing neither did Salibandy!Co. All hopes were dashed when Mohd Rozaidi made a spin and a drag shot that shot past the defence line into the net. But like a shining beacon, the marksman, Alvin again managed to narrow the score gap after a successful pass(shot?) from Nicholas(#77) reflected of the goal post, into the blade of Alvin's stick, into the goal. As the time passes by, both teams struggled to pull their score ahead. But the final whistle was sounded, and a loss is a loss for Salibandy!Co.

A giant in the history of Selangor Floorball League was almost taken down by Salibandy!Co. Salibandy!Co upped the game during the second and third period, which would have been a better story if the team played at such tempo from the start of the game. Was it the defence of not guarding the forwards, or the forwards were not doing good enough to get goals? Or team chemistry is to be questioned since many new players are in the team? Nevertheless, something needs to be rectify as two more matches with outstanding teams, Zap and Red Pheonix are going to commence within these two weeks.

Quote of the day:
"I will never forget this game." - Sjaiful (Captain of Subang Rascals) 

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